XSpace SEE AR Experience

XSpace VR Aquisition, SEE™ Invites You To The Metaverse!

The global virtual reality market size is expected to reach USD 87.0 billion by 2030, according to the latest report by Grand View Research, Inc., so recently I have been implementing the most innovative projection mapping and VR tech into our Louvre Fantastique and Banksy exhibits.

After several decades of touring some of the world’s most famous franchised properties, cultural heritages, and entertainment-themed exhibits – I think SEE™ is ready to blow the minds of a new generation.

On August 4, the Tel Aviv Expo Center’s exposition grounds opened an entertainment multiverse complex known as: XSpace. The experience was created by concert promoter Carmi Wurtman (Joe Cocker, The Black Eyed Peas, America and Jason Derulo), and it combines technology, art, and animation in a fully immersive, headset-free setting.

XSpace Visitors are given a memento smart bracelet which they scan to generate their own personal avatar when they enter. They are then encouraged to explore several rooms within the complex, each of which has a variety of interactive games and highly immersive activities. The bracelet can be used to record films of a player’s journey and track scores, which can all be retrieved after the visit through a free personalized landing page. Most VR experiences try to establish an escape from reality ambiance, but it’s hard to achieve with cumbersome headsets. XSpace fully allows your imagination to run wild with no cords to hold you back. How cool is that?


Get ready to Space Out with us and stay tuned for our first stop somewhere in The US soon!

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*Featured Photo is from Times Of Israel/Photographer: Dor Kedmi