Hot Wheels Champion ExperienceTM

Turbocharging Imagination: The Tech Behind Hot Wheels Champion ExperienceTM

Universe: Build a 16,000 immersive digital Hot Wheels playground for fans and families of all ages.
Me: Challenge Accepted! (race to the tickets now)

Hello, fellow racetrack enthusiasts! As the CEO of SEE Touring Exhibitions, I’m shifting gears to give you an exclusive pit lane view of the tech-driven Hot Wheels Champion ExperienceTM.

Our collaboration with Mattel was no ordinary pit stop; it was a turbocharged mission. We envisioned a racetrack where the iconic Hot Wheels universe would accelerate into the future, merging childhood nostalgia with next-gen tech. Our XSpace technology platform was the nitrous boost we needed, integrating immersive video projections with tangible and digital elements, creating a racetrack of unparalleled interactive experiences.

Our design garage was buzzing with activity. We engineered a space where visitors can go full throttle, designing their own digital Hot Wheels car, constructing augmented reality tracks, living their race car driver dream. From navigating the twists and turns of Hot Wheels City to clinching the pole position on the winner’s podium, every pit stop and victory lap was meticulously crafted for maximum adrenaline.

Teaming up with Julie Freeland from Mattel, our goal was to redline the imagination of fans. The Hot Wheels Champion ExperienceTM isn’t just another lap around the track; it’s a high-octane testament to tech-driven innovation, passion, and the thrill of the race.

As the starting lights dim and we prepare to hit the tracks at Tysons Corner Center this December, I invite you to strap in, feel the horsepower, and unleash your inner racer in the world of the Hot Wheels Champion ExperienceTM. Ready, set, race into the future with us! GET TICKETS NOW!