Color Of Time Tour: A Marina Amaral Perspective

The Color Of Time
I became fascinated with Marina Amaral’s work initially with her American civil war photos, brought to life by colorizing & careful research coupled with artistic intuition. To go along with the photos, historian Dan Jones has written a narrative that anchors each image in its context, and weaves them into a vivid account of the world that made the world we live in today. From the bursting hues of a fiery explosion to the most subtle details of broken capillaries from a weathered war general, Marina Amaral’s vision of history in colour was something I had to share with the world. I got in touch with her literary agent in London without delay to secure the rights.
When we look at a colored photo, we take for granted the colors of our generation, culture, social class.. we don’t think: that’s the color of a poor celery farmer’s overalls or that’s the color a rich house wife chose for her outdoor garden party patio.
Long before Marina even begins to guess  what quilt patterns were all the rave for an Apache Indian ceremonial chief-she spends countless hours restoring old photos (being non-digital) that are scratched sun faded album glued…

SEE now owns the photographic rights to show this worldly collection in the format it deserves: Oversized on high quality pixel-perfect film stock- immersive and personal. The Museum of architecture and design, (where another one of our shows The Museum of Failure had their successful US debut), will be the first stop of a world tour of over 75 photos and 25 unpublished ones!
In December, one will be able to time travel through humanity’s most important moments through the eyes of the talented Digital art wizardry of Marina Amaral. You will be transported through colorful nostalgia with a free world history lesson 😉
Stay tuned for official dates and ticket links!