Art Of Banksy Exhibit

The Art Of Banksy Exhibition

Like anything worth having an opinion about, there are a lot of opinions about The Art Of Banksy exhibit and all are welcome. From the “How dare yous” to the “Life changing” it’s all relevant and welcome. Because the worst is having an exhibit that no one talks about. After a phenomenally successful European tour, I dared bring this bold exhibit to America. 

As many Journalist have predictably pointed out.. the exhibit contradicts the subject.

With over 100 original works, this is the largest Banksy exhibit ever assembled.

“Banksy is the artist who everybody knows and the artist that nobody knows.” -Producer Martin Biallas

Banksy does not wish to be known, at least while alive, but millions wish to know of them. At SEE® we specialize in unearthing cultural gems for the masses, we couldn’t resist a Banksy exhibit. If you have ever wanted to get inside this genius mind, we have gone to great lengths to take you inside the mysterious man behind some of the most socially valuable and provocative work of our time. 

Banksy is an outlaw, a rebel, and a revolutionary… He does not ask for ‘authorization’ to create his art.  Indeed, Banksy is a libertarian, who claims his rights without asking. Overtime, his illegal anonymous graffiti stunts have evolved into protected cultural heritages.

“We too at SEE®,  believe in freedom….especially freedom of expression… the right to share culture without authorities claiming our sovereignty and limiting our ability to bring our vision to the public. “-President Martin Biallas

Banksy chooses to share his work on public walls despite a firm lack of permission from authorities. What kind of fan are you? Do you fold to the pressure of institutions, docilely obeying, or do you believe (as we do) that freedom in art is important, and that some restrictions should be disobeyed to convey a message?

The money earned from this exhibit covers (in part) the considerable expenses of Pest Control’s authentication process, acquisition of works, and supporting a team of dedicated researchers, curators, and art collectors, whose combined efforts clarify Banksy’s work to the public. It also contributes to the efforts recently made by SEE® & Fever, to support talented street artists and showcase their work during these difficult times. All Banksy work but also Banksy facts are verified, certified and approved by Pest Control… We are extremely careful not to spread false information about Banksy, whose fans wish to know more about his work.

Civil disobedience is becoming a lost art in a world of rules and regulations.  Authorities repress freedoms. ‘Authorization’ is another cog in the machine that Banksy rejects. Banksy has chosen to work outside of the norms, defying laws to spread his art. We (at ‘organization’s name) believe in supporting Banksy’s unconventional position. We too require no permission to make our public statement. We share authenticated Banksys, and our mission is to help fans dive deeper into Banksy’s work and process, to develop a more profound understanding of one of the most important artists of our time.

“If art belongs to everyone, then WE at SEE® are bringing that art to everyone.” -President Martin Biallas

We love Banksy, we love his work, and we love his process, and we love sharing it with the world in the same rebellious spirit that Banksy paints his murals (in defiance of laws and limitations, regardless of authorizations and permissions). We support a free world where art is shared without boundaries, and we have no interest in obeying authority or begging for authorization.

His street art is now seen as a gift in some of the cities that he chooses to use as his canvas, with many receiving immediate protection. This exhibition will showcase some of the preserved works, and much more including an in-depth video explaining the artist’s life story.

Want to see when Banksy comes to your city? Check the tour schedule and get on the waitlist or reserve your tickets!