Martin Biallas - Shanghai

Shanghai is taking our Sistine Chapel exhibit to another level…

So much about doing a large scale event in China is different and amazing. Firstly, they are way higher tech than we are. The idea of building a website then re-directing tickets is a dated one in most of Asia. The way they interact socially online is completely different too; instead of multiple social media apps competing for audience, there are only a few government-controlled apps that are kind of like a cross between Facebook, Foursquare Snapchat & Instagram all rolled into one. WeChat for example is an entire streamlined system of social media, commerce and payment processing for use with your Smartphone.  Within minutes, users can pay their phone bill, share their movie ticket purchase, and invite others to join them.

Typically when we license our show to partners around the world, we do a lot of cross-promotions, but due to the unique nature of the digital media world in China we operate as two independent islands of data, with only broadcast media as a bridge. Our Western Internet buzz is not even a beep on their radar, just like all the WeChat action surrounding our exhibition there is its own little ecosystem of social awareness.

Merch is another very separate distinction as they have the advantage of being at the center of affordable branded merchandise manufacturing. Typically, most of our merch is made in China, regardless of where our show is displayed. Consumer options are a lot more far-reaching to hit a larger demographic from cute trendy phone cases to classy home decor. Here are a few pictures of our big Day 1 at the Shanghai World Financial Center


Martin Biallas - Shanghai