Rome 2 Chengdu & I’m getting the butterflies ;)

For most people, getting butterflies is that tingly feeling of anxiousness and excitement when good things are about to happen! Well this is definitely the case with our Sistine Chapel exhibit in Chengdu, but those are not the butterflies I’m referring to! I took a much needed break today to visit a very unique museum: The Butterfly Zoo in Shanghai!

As a culture vulture, China is always such a fun trip for me… and my marketing team there keeps me very entertained with local wonders such as great food, sight seeing and uncanny attractions such as this one.

Between  my own museums and touring exhibitions, it’s really hard to take a breather and just chillax. The butterfly zoo is a place where thankfully,  I can’t think very much about work. Butterflies are very tragic creatures that force us to pause and live in the moment. Their magical voyage is often just a few weeks long… For us, that is simply our birthday month or one of my pop-up museum runs! Tonight is my last night in China, tomorrow it’s back to Vienna… Stay tuned for another slice of travel soon!

Butterly museum, Shanghai

It’s a bird, it’s a plane!