martin biallas

Quarantined with my cats!

Madonna calls it the great leveller, but this is far from the truth… what many forget is that social distancing is a luxury. Many cities around the world do not have social distancing space. The 2 meters between people in certain parts of Africa and India are not possible. People barely have a few feet between each other at the market. Being able to social distance even within a building or house, is a luxury too. If you are a family of 5 jammed into a 1 bedroom, germs have a better chance of thriving than they do in a big house on the hills where a coughing family member, can in fact keep their distance.

So, here I am to say that I am grateful. Grateful to be alive, grateful that my company can continue to operate and grateful that family and friends are mostly well and that my staff is in this with me. I am quarantining with my cats and that is a luxury. One that I do not forget about. Some people are home schooling their kids, well I am tossing more tiny string toys these days for sure!

The hardest part of this for me is the lack of travel and the travel restrictions as well as lines in travel. As the president of a travelling exhibits company, there is a fair bit of travel, even during a pandemic. It’s not fun being trapped behind a mask and waiting for the symptom checking airport staff, but it is necessary for us all to get past this.

For now, we are all working remotely, doing WhatsApp meetings and I am pleased on some level that I am for now quarantined with my cats! This is a T-shirt with my cats.

Quarantined with my cats - Martin Biallas