Producer Martin Biallas

Panama and world news Detoxing!

As I stare out of my Panama city condo window, I started thinking that it’s getting very difficult to not address the elephant in the room in the USA… No matter how you voted or if you voted, we have a giant political elephant in every room. How do you speak about the elephant in the room without getting into specifics and possible heated conversation? You DON’T unless THEY bring it up. It’s your business who you vote for and it’s best to keep politics away from business meetings, dinner parties and small talk with strangers on a plane..

Thankfully, I have a few residences, one of my most visited 2nd homes  would be my condo in Panama city. This place is a great escape for me when I feel that I have had enough of the United States. Being born in Europe, I already have a lower tolerance level for how unprofessional and crass our media and politicians are at large. I am often shocked at what I perceive to be, complete lack of public relations or image management. When I feel like the constant flow of heavy political atmosphere is too smoggy, I simply log off and take off to another city. For those who do not have this luxury, just do a digital detox. It’s o.k to tune out of the news for a few days, the sun will keep rising and nothing much will change. If something major happens, your phone will start ringing.