Princess Diana: A Tribute Exhibition – Produced by Martin Biallas.

Things have been extra crazy this month with new Sistine Chapel shows, Banksy, Louvre Fantastique, and now the premiere of a show I co-produced –

Louvre Fantastique: The Exhibition -5 Questions with producer Martin Biallas

I sat down with my PR team this week, to answer the 5 questions that keep popping up in the press or with fans for

Louvre Fantastique, my latest brain child!

Louvre Fantastique: The Exhibition Step into the world’s most visited museum, In 360°! A life-size, up-close AND never-before-seen perspective of a priceless collection! One of the

Downtime Down Under!

Sorry for the Time-zone Change! I’ve been down under doing a lot of press touring and visiting the abundant eco paradise that is Australia. With

Hans-Christian Biallas

Sad announcement of the recent passing of my brother, Hans-Christian. In his professional capacity Hans-Christian Biallas was a German politician and a Protestant theologian. As well

Contact Tracing in Berlin, America could learn a thing or two…

If you follow my Twitter, you no doubt know how I feel about Trump. It’s been a loooooong 4 years and at this point, even