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Greetings, art enthusiasts and cultural visionaries! It’s an exciting time at SEE®, as we embark on an incredible journey to share the timeless artistry of

Turbocharging Imagination: The Tech Behind Hot Wheels Champion ExperienceTM

Universe: Build a 16,000 immersive digital Hot Wheels playground for fans and families of all ages. Me: Challenge Accepted! (race to the tickets now) Hello,

Preserving Elephants, Animating Smurfs, and Guiding Presidents: The Unique Expedition of a Global Producer

If you’re wondering about the connection between “Elephants, Smurfs, and the President,” you’re not alone. This eclectic medley of subjects might sound like the title

Remembering Tina Turner: A True Icon and Friend

I write this memorial blog today with a heavy heart, paying respect to the incomparable Tina Turner, a true legend who has left an indelible

Finally! Our Sistine Chapel Exhibit Opens At The Old Mission Santa Barbara

This show is finally making its way to The Old Mission Santa Barbara, after being delayed due to the numerous COVID lockdowns across the globe.

Capela Sistina: A Obra-Prima de Michelangelo

Not everyone can travel to Italy to see the majestic beauty of the chapel, and that’s where the exhibition “Capela Sistina: A Obra-Prima de Michelangelo”

XSpace VR Aquisition, SEE Invites You To The Metaverse!

The global virtual reality market size is expected to reach USD 87.0 billion by 2030, according to the latest report by Grand View Research, Inc.,

Princess Diana: A Tribute Exhibition – Produced by Martin Biallas.

Things have been extra crazy this month with new Sistine Chapel shows, Banksy, Louvre Fantastique, and now the premiere of a show I co-produced –

Downtime Down Under!

Sorry for the Time-zone Change! I’ve been down under doing a lot of press touring and visiting the abundant eco paradise that is Australia. With

Hans-Christian Biallas

Sad announcement of the recent passing of my brother, Hans-Christian. In his professional capacity Hans-Christian Biallas was a German politician and a Protestant theologian. As well

Contact Tracing in Berlin, America could learn a thing or two…

If you follow my Twitter, you no doubt know how I feel about Trump. It’s been a loooooong 4 years and at this point, even

Quarantined with my cats!

Madonna calls it the great leveller, but this is far from the truth… what many forget is that social distancing is a luxury. Many cities

Martin Biallas at LumiNight Lanterns Festival with California Live

I had the opportunity to speak about The LumiNight Lanterns Festival while at Alameda Fairgrounds. One thing that the interview really highlighted was the amazing

Martin Biallas is illuminated in LumiNight ™

Where have I been? Producing enchanted forrest and seas, time travelling to the Arc and the Acrocanthosaurus all while curating the most beautiful and endangered species

Martin Biallas Los Angeles

Someone asked me in Vienna the other say, what is home to you? Is it where you were born, where you first scraped your knee

Panama, The Pope and the playa!

When we heard the pope was coming to Panama, we knew we had to bring Panamians the Sistine Chapel Exhibit! The exhibit makes its way

Failure Never Looked So Good in our small-yet-large-scale Shanghai exhibit!

Our Museum Of Failure debut in Asia is in Shanghai. It’s so interesting to see how our exhibit designers and promoters at our SEE China

Color Of Time Tour: A Marina Amaral Perspective

The Color Of Time I became fascinated with Marina Amaral’s work initially with her American civil war photos, brought to life by colorizing & careful research coupled with

From Houston to Hangzhou!

How can you be in 2 places at once? Well you can’t but you can try with a long flight from one major city to

Rome 2 Chengdu & I’m getting the butterflies 😉

For most people, getting butterflies is that tingly feeling of anxiousness and excitement when good things are about to happen! Well this is definitely the

The Museum Of Failure

Presenting: The Museum Of Failure! As an entrepreneur and producer of several decades, I am no stranger to failure. It is in my most wonderful

Shanghai is taking our Sistine Chapel exhibit to another level…

So much about doing a large scale event in China is different and amazing. Firstly, they are way higher tech than we are. The idea

Goodbye Rita, Hello Honeymoon

After months of running around like a chicken with its head cut off, both my husband and I had some breathing room in our schedules

It’s Friday and I would like to be a cat!

There is a saying that sometimes you need more than 25 hours, because 24 hours isn’t enough. I had one of those weeks this past

My Hollywood home, from a plane, on a Magazine!

Traveling on Austrian Airlines, I receive a popular in-fight magazine SKYLINES. On the cover in the Hollywood hills, I can spy my actual home! It

Panama and world news Detoxing!

As I stare out of my Panama city condo window, I started thinking that it’s getting very difficult to not address the elephant in the

Big Apples and The Oculus

I spent 2017 in New york city with family and friends including the lovely actress Linda Miller. I spent a fair bit of time at

Last few Days of #SistineDallas | Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition

As some of you know, one of my shows which is exhibiting LIVE in Dallas is Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition. We came when the

Happy Holidays and Welcome to Martin Biallas’s personal site!

I have been wanting to redo my personal site for some time, but I am so busy traveling and producing large scaled exhibitions with SEE Global

Hawaii, Timed-Entry and BANKSY

Well, it’s been a minute hasn’t it! Like many in the entertainment industry, we had to adapt or die as this virus has reshaped the

The Art Of Banksy Exhibition

Like anything worth having an opinion about, there are a lot of opinions about The Art Of Banksy exhibit and all are welcome. From the