Martin Biallas - LumiNight Festival - Dinausaur

Martin Biallas is illuminated in LumiNight ™

Where have I been? Producing enchanted forrest and seas, time travelling to the Arc and the Acrocanthosaurus all while curating the most beautiful and endangered species on the planet! For the last year, I have been completely immersed in producing a large-scaled LED Chinese Lanterns festival that goes beyond the imagined… Reality, I am proud to say, CAN be more beautiful than fiction in LumiNight.

Forget the little round red lanterns on strings or the flying fire ones… These are life-sized, hyper-realism detailed, covered in luminous silky cloth and powered by over 1 million lights. My travelling exhibits company SEE Global Entertainment, is proud to present LumiNight Lantern Festival. The festival debuts in the US with touring beginning in November, check my corporate site for schedules. 



Martin Biallas - Luminight - dragon - SEE