Martin Biallas

Martin Biallas Los Angeles

Someone asked me in Vienna the other say, what is home to you? Is it where you were born, where you first scraped your knee on a little bicycle and where you make your first friends in the park closest to your apartment or house growing up. Is it where you lived the longest with a love of your life and acquired the most objects of sentimental value? Or is it where you currently have pets or children – your current family unit VS the one you grew up with. For those who are not close to family (I am close) maybe it’s your closest friend or relative’s house that feels the most like home, even though you are adorned with the visitor’s status or special guest. Some say home is where you hang your hat, this certainly allows for even nomads to partake!

For me, I’ve always had cats. I had them growing up and I have them now. They are my children and my husband & I keep our cats in Los Angeles. I suppose we could have them in many cities where we have a “dwelling” but we chose to keep them in the Hollywood Hills. One of the reasons, is that Greudyn has so many friends who are more than happy to cat-sit and have a nice swim! Martin Biallas Panama producer, is true. Martin Biallas Austrian born producer is true too, and Martin Biallas Shanghai producer is also true. But, if I think of my personal bio: Martin Biallas Los Angeles producer feels right. You can take the producer out of L.A but you can’t take the L.A out of the producer – it’s too late, I’m a crazy Californian who hates wearing suit pants and loves siping soda by the sunsets!

It’s funny how we change our bio image, as we get older  wiser 😉 I no longer appreciate the one of me in my sports car, and it has dawned on me that in 2019, this photo is maybe a bit passé… it symbolizes people that identify with their cars and I identify with my productions more than my possessions. I prefer this photo from now on. Just Martin Biallas, Los Angeles at the beach! I’m always working, even when I’m not working- some people call that workaholic, I call it driven.