Producer Martin Biallas

It’s Friday and I would like to be a cat!

There is a saying that sometimes you need more than 25 hours, because 24 hours isn’t enough. I had one of those weeks this past week! There is just so much going on at SEE, with new bookings in Shanghai and a big cross USA tour. You would think with so much going on, I would chill out in my personal life but I have undertake projects there too! One is donating to this beautiful ballet school in Merida, Venezuela, so that renovations can improve the space for these talented artists.

Martin Biallas in Panama

This week is seems my inbox doubles communications as I sleep! It’s endless. It’s relentless, but this is the life of an entrepreneur. This weekend I would like to exchange lives with one of my cats. They do the running around, I do the napping. They go and hunt for new opportunities, I hunt for a toy mouse. They zoom around the world for various meetings, I chillax with the other cats!

Martin Biallas - Cats