Producer Martin Biallas - Hollywood hills - Skylines

My Hollywood home, from a plane, on a Magazine!

Traveling on Austrian Airlines, I receive a popular in-fight magazine SKYLINES. On the cover in the Hollywood hills, I can spy my actual home! It is always a strange experience to see small details of your home in a post-card, on TV or in print media.

Where is it? I will give you a hint, it is situated down the letter N of Los Angeles. There are a few houses around there and a lot of them are in the lighter Art Deco whites, beige, terra cotta; modern and flat aquiline architecture that often speckles an aerial shot of the Hills. Sometimes I see other photos and low and behold, it’s a clear shot of a neighbor’s guest house or a pool or ¬†garden I know…

For now, I am recovering with my trendy blue cast, while traveling. Stay Tuned!

Producer Martin Biallas