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Hawaii, Timed-Entry And BANKSY

Well, it’s been a minute hasn’t it! Like many in the entertainment industry, we had to adapt or die as this virus has reshaped the exhibit space in somewhat permanent ways. It is rumored that some level of sanitizing is here to stay as well as timed-entry simply because visitors prefer it. Many shows are currently being adapted with timed-entry in mind, where the entire exhibit experience will include the timing of 1 bubble per hour.

michelangelo's Sistine chapel the exhibition

A viewer gets the entire space to herself at our MOA show, for a moment. An exhibit luxury in pandemic times.

Between travel restrictions, limited capacity and timed entry we have had to restructure our most popular show Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibit, to be able to handle the times. Due to last year’s shows being pushed to THIS year, we fortunately, are busier than ever. We are currently in the production of a 4th touring unit with new immersive surprises! The quieter pandemic times, has allowed me to put out my feelers for the acquisition of new travelling exhibits to add to the SEE roster. I am pleased to announce, that we SEE, are the official special entertainment events company behind BANSKY’s premiere into the Americas after a very successful European tour.

The Art Of Banksy is a private and the largest collection of the mysterious artist’s work, spanning several decades. with over 750,000 visitors worldwide, we are very excited to bring this riviting gem to The USA and Canada. The 60 piece exhibit features iconic favorites such as baloon girl and other social statements. I love the writing next to the street art “There is always hope.” I think we all need a little hope to get us through these difficult times.

There is always hope


I am currenly in Hawaii, away from the pandemic chaos in the United States. Yes, I got vaccinated. I am working on another travelling exhibit but you will have to stay tuned for my next blog. Hint: It will blow away Van Gogh immersive fans and also art lovers of French impressionism….


Birthday celebration with friends.