Sistine Chapel - Hangzhou - Martin Biallas

From Houston to Hangzhou!

How can you be in 2 places at once? Well you can’t but you can try with a long flight from one major city to the next in the same day. Because The Sistine Chapel exhibition is getting booked in Europe, The US and ASIA – my jet lag is at an all time high. I can’t distinguish sunsets from sunrises, my iphone has to be constantly told that it’s wrong and I have no more bedtime, bedtime is when I can.¬†Before I am accused of #1stworldproblems I will admit that I love all the above. They are actually not complaints at all, just observations from a crazy travel schedule June.

I’m back home though. Home is mostly the epic dream like polluted pink haze of palm trees and dry California sun above the mad circus of entertainment professionals, and anyone CRAZY¬†eccentric enough to move their life to L.A. Regroup, reground with my husband and friends and enjoy the simple life. Some good food on a terrace.

What’s next? I have been cooking another touring exhibits company – all that coming soon. Museum Of Failure is moving July 8th, the rest of the world wants to #comefailwithus and 2 new shows are in production. I can’t leak the concepts just yet, but I will give you a hint for one of them. Coloring. Now you are angry because that was a tough hint, what could that mean aha… stay tuned.