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Contact Tracing in Berlin, America could learn a thing or two…

If you follow my Twitter, you no doubt know how I feel about Trump. It’s been a loooooong 4 years and at this point, even Republican friends I have are voting blue this year. If his overall lack of skills-for-the-job was not apparent enough in this joke of a presidency, America’s complete mismanagement of Covid-19 has been a shameful wake up call into the dangers of an unfit leader. We have hopefully learned something crucial as American citizens. If not completely re-desgined/defined, The electoral system CAN betray us again! I do not usually rant about politics on my blog, but if even 1 reader votes blue instead of red this year, it will have been worth the editorial betrayal. While Trump is playing golf and trying to defund the Postal service in order to delay his inevitable fall from power, Europe is slowly putting itself back together after many hard hit cities salvage from the viral wrath to their population, economy and sanity.

I am currently in Berlin, and here they are using logic over panic. A simple contact tracing sheet is available at all establishments for the purpose of alerting people of a possible cluster outbreak of their patrons or staff. Some normal sanitizing precautions are taken, but people can sit and enjoy a meal sans-mask. Pretty much everyone is complying (except for the anti-mask alt-right lunatics, they are busy organizing “freedom” rallies and have declared themselves as “The Second Wave”. According to the government these rallies and travellers returning from abroad are the cause of mini outbreaks, but so far Berlin is far from experiencing a true second wave for now due to social distancing measures (5 feet or 1.5 meters distancing and mask wearing when distancing is not possible such as supermarkets or the airport).

We are eager to get back to normal and wonder the world with travelling exhibits again, but for now we must just be patient. Below is an example of the clever contact tracing sheet provided by the resto terrace I was enjoying my diet coke.

Martin Biallas - Berlin

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